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Place Of Origin – Perfect place to order delicious Indian cuisines at huge discount Place of Origin has emerged as the best online store where a variety of Indian cuisine can be ordered from the comfort of home. The main motive of the store is to ease the life of customers who love experiencing the taste of cuisines of various parts of the country without moving out of their comfort zone. No matter what type of food and taste you require, Place Of Origin is the perfect place to meet all your fantasies. The store believes that for meeting the customer’s requirement, they can defy any law of demand and supply the food in an unexpected way. The original taste of the real Indian cuisines is available at Place Of Origin at reasonable rates and even with huge discounts. The concept is that people do not often travel to remote places where the real taste of Indian cuisines can be experienced. Thus, Place Of Origin is bringing those remote places close to your home without charging additional for it. This store well understands the joy that food can bring in one’s life and add beauty to the celebration. It is just an effort to serve the customers by providing them with the legendary food at their plates directly from the kitchen of legends. With the growing demand for the online food, Place of Origin is emerging as the best store that serves personally to each of its customers. The time has come when you should avail best offers on your desired food and enjoy the food at the comfort of home. Just order any variety of food like coffee, pickle, tea, jams, sweets and snacks without visiting the market physically. Products available at Place Of Origin: There is a wide range of products available at this online store for purchasing best cuisines of India varying from Snacks, staples, sweets, discover foods, etc. The products are based on the regions like North Indian food, South Indian food, West Indian food and East Indian food. The sweet category includes a wide range of Mithai, Cakes and chocolates that are offered from top brands in India. Snacks include – Namkeen, Biscuits, dry fruits, breakfast cereals & bars, etc. Staple food includes – jams and honey, pickles and sauces, attas and grains, mukhwas, tea, cooking essentials, masala and mixes, coffee, ready to cook food, spices and herbs and other essential products that are highly required for daily diets. Discounts and coupon codes: Place Of Origin provides best deals on the Indian cuisines varying from the various percent of off and discounts on special occasions like festive offer, new year’s deal, Republic day deal, valentine’s day deal and much more. For the order of Rs. 950 and above, Place Of Origin provide a Flat Rs. 120 off. Flat Rs. 100 off is also available for all the orders above Rs. 850. For groups and huge orders, the offer further goes to Rs. 160 off when the order exceeds Rs. 1250. If the order is placed above Rs. 1500, then Place Of Origin offers a flat Rs. 200 off. The offers do not end here and further goes up to flat Rs. 300 off on all the orders above Rs. 2500. Place of Origin also promoted parties where it provides a great deal of flat Rs. 500 off on all the orders of Rs. 4000 and above. For people who are not willing to step out of their home, then pace the order as per your requirement and avail the special offers that are listed above on every order placed on Place Of Origin. Place of Origin provides all the dining solution to its customers through a click.

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Place Of Origin Coupons

Place of Origin offers you the BEST shopping deals with CouponTrends

India being a land of colorful history, offers multiple cuisines to the people living here. People love to eat different kind of food as per their tastes and preferences. Also, as the season changes, people prefer to eat something different and tastier. So, Shop with Place of origin Coupons and get best deals on your order at

These days’ people look forward to their convenience and prefer to shop online rather than personally visiting the stores. They prefer to save their time by buying the products just with the help of a click. The best option to rely on online food is at Place of Origin. Place of Origin offers a huge variety of special food that you crave for. It includes pickle, coffee, namkeen, tea, finest snacks, jams, sweets and much more. There is hardly anything that is not available here.

Also, you will be glad to know that the prices of the food items are not very high whereas the quality is just amazing. The Place of Origin discount coupons is available for the customers, offering various schemes at all items. This makes shopping more interesting and you can save a large amount of money.

Place of Origin will make shopping an amazing experience

When you shop from Place of Origin you can easily avail the benefits of Place of Origin coupon. These coupons will help you get the best quality food items at the lowest price. The Place of Origin coupon code provides many lucrative offers throughout the year. India being the home of diverse cultures, celebrates many festivals. You can get to save a huge amount of money at these times, if you choose to shop from Place of Origin. Because the variety of food items available at the Place of Origin is huge, there is no chance that you cannot find the product of your choice.


Products/ Category

Best Offer

Sitewide Offers On Order Above Rs. 850              

Flat Rs 100 Off

Sitewide Offers On Order Above Rs. 950

Flat Rs 120 Off

Sitewide Offers On Order Above Rs. 1250

Flat Rs 160 Off

Sitewide Offers On Order Above Rs. 1500

Flat Rs 200 Off

Sitewide Offers On Order Above Rs. 2500

Flat Rs 300 Off

Sitewide Offers On Order Above Rs. 4000

Flat Rs 500 Off

Special Sale

Starts @ Just Rs 110

Sweets & Snacks

Flat Rs 525 Off

Snalthy Products

Flat 20 Off


Save your money: Shop from Place of Origin; Use Place of Origin Chocolates Offers.

The success of Place of Origin depends on the number of customers who prefer to shop online rather than buying the products from the stores. Thus, to keep their customers happy and in long term contact, the Place of Origin Coupons are made available to all the customers so that they can buy the products at a cheap price.

Products available at the Place of Origin

There is a mind blowing collection of food items at the Place of Origin.

You can avail your favorite sweets which include, mithai, cakes, chocolates and much more. By using the Place of Origin promo codes you can strike the deal at a very reasonable price.

If you are craving for your special snacks; biscuits, namkeens, dry fruits, breakfast cereal and bars; this is the perfect online shopping site for you to visit. Just explore the snacks and choose your favorite. You can avail heavy discounts at festive time.

Well, if you are very close to your culture and religion and want to stick to your staple diet, then go for it without any hesitation. Tea, coffee, pickles and sauces, masalas and mixes, jams and honey, mukhwas are a few to name. Place of Origin offers huge discounts.

If you do not want to step out of your house in the winters, look for some winter special at Place of Origin. Sund Panjiri, Punjabi Moongfali Gur Patti, Kaju Patti Gajak, Khasta Rewri, Premium Golden KaraDantu are a few items to name. You can get 40 to 80 discount at all these items with the help of Price of Origin Coupon Code.

Just visit this site right now and shop all that you can in one go!