Privacy Policy

CouponTrends is a website that provides online coupons for users to avail discounts from merchants. As a website, we have a privacy policy we expect every user to understand. This includes the activities like gathering information from users to make use of our services, its use and the disclosure. It is requested to go through this privacy policy before using this website. If you use this site, we assume that you agree to our policies.

Information from the users

To make use of some of the services of our website, users need to provide certain personal information. This includes name, full address, age and debit/credit card details to name a few. This data is collected so that you have a better user experience with our site. You may understand that this information is used by us to maintain and improve our services and introduce new services.

It is required that the information you provide must be current, accurate and complete. You may delete or update the information if situation demands like when you change address. People of all ages can use this website. But, we would recommend the consent of an adult if someone below 18 years of age wants to use our services.


Cookies and other similar tools are excellent ways of knowing the user preferences. A cookie is a piece of information sent to your browser and gets stored in your computer. It then stores information about the ads you clicked and the websites you visited. This is also used to store the information of the registered users. The data collected by the cookie is usually considered as non-personal data. But, you can be assured that the details like your IP address will be treated as personal information.

Cookies are safe because they don’t tell us who you are nor can they access the data in your system. They provide ways to improve the services we provide you by telling us your areas of interest. The users can choose to disable the cookies using the settings. The unique cookie id on the browser is over written with the phrase “OPT_OUT”. Now, there exists no unique cookie id and the opt-out cookie cannot be connected to a particular browser.

Sharing the information

It is our policy to share certain information with our partners like an email service provider so that you receive emails on our behalf. CouponTrends shares personal data to third parties for purposes like advertising or improving our services and not for the marketing of these third parties. If you feel that any of your data should not be shared with a third party, we will be happy to ensure that for you.

We usually share information in the following cases.

  • During any kind of investigations
  • For our proper operation
  • With our legal counsels in relation to a legal process
  • Situations where there are threats to the physical safety of any person.
  • To protect our website users
  • To prevent illegal activities
  • If any violation of the terms of the privacy policy occurs

In case reorganization, merging or bankruptcy of our company occurs, we may have to share your information with the concerned third party. Here, you get the opportunity to prevent the transfer of your data if you wish.

Links to third party websites or servers

As you may have noticed, CouponTrends website contains links to other applications and websites. All these applications and websites have their own privacy policy which could be different from ours. Once you end the connection with our servers, you are no more under our support. The use of the information you provide thereafter will be according to the privacy policy of the site or application you are visiting.

You may understand that once you leave our page, you cannot depend on our privacy policy. Whenever you enter a new site or application, check its web pages to find out their policies. If you cannot find it, contact the owners of the application or the website to provide you with the information you need. This is important because the site or application could use your data for things you do not agree with.

Information security

CouponTrends is keen on protecting your data. So, we prevent all sorts of unauthorized access, unauthorized updates or destruction of the data. We ensure that proper security measures like encryption and physical security means are in place when the data is being reviewed and processed. We take these steps to secure your personal information against any misuse, threat or loss. We encrypt all the secure information using secure socket layer technology or SSL.

CouponTrends has a huge database where all the information is stored. It is stored on servers protected by a firewall. All the data in the database is password protected and the access to it is very limited. As you know, internet is developing day by day and its reach is far and wide. So, we cannot promise you that your information will be secure while it is sent to us through the internet. And you may know that anything you post on our website is accessible to all who have internet connection.

You must note that we may change our privacy policy when a need arises. But, we will use your information in the way told to you previously and not according to the new policies.

Our website allows third party advertising companies to post ads when you login to the site. These third parties may use the data regarding your visits to post you ads about things you may be interested in. Any unwillingness regarding this can be communicated to the grievance officer so that your preference is taken into consideration.

Using the user information

The data provided by you will be used in the following ways.

  • To make the product, data or services available to you as per your request or to notify about things which may interest you for which you have already given consent to be contacted.
  • To enable you to take part in the interactive features of our website if you wish
  • To carry out our responsibilities according to the contract between CouponTrends and you
  • To notify you about any change we bring about in our services
  • To make certain that our website and its contents are presented to you in the most user-friendly manner

Retaining your data

CouponTrends makes it possible for you to update your personal information from time to time to make it accurate, current and complete. This information will be retained by us for a time period mentioned in the privacy policy to serve you properly. It could retain for a longer time if there is a requirement to do so.

Communication with users

When you continue to use CouponTrends, we assume that we have your consent to communicate with you from time to time regarding the use of the site or our products and services. We may communicate through any media convenient to us like promotional ads, emails etc. We reserve the rights to be in touch with the users to discuss about the use of the site and its services.

When you use CouponTrends website or communicate with us, you agree to do so via electronic means and you give us consent to reply to you via the same whenever required. We may communicate using any mode of communication whether it is electronic or not. You may understand that it is our choice to use a specific type of communication depending on the situation.

Notification Protocol

This is a new feature made available to users who subscribe for it. Using this, you can avoid any activity you find disturbing. Some of them are given below.

  • Provide your email address
  • Post interesting coupons and offers to you
  • Use the personal information present on your browser
  • Login to any of your social media accounts to continue using our services

This feature is ideal for people who find it uncomfortable to share some or any of the personal data with a website.

Attending to grievances

Any complaints or queries regarding any content or comment you found on the website should be immediately reported to the designated grievance officer through post or by an email. You may find our address and email id on the website.

When you draft the complaint, remember to include the following points.

  • Identification of the copyrighted work which has violated the law
  • Identification of the website content which is claimed to have been infringed
  • The address, email id and the telephone number of the person who is complaining
  • An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner
  • A statement that the information regarding the infringement is accurate
  • A statement that the person who is complaining believes that the content appearing in the complaint has violated the law and the copyright owner is not authorized to do so