Tricks To Buy Online Safely

Is Internet shopping safe? It is a question that we all always be asked when making our purchases online. It should be said that buying on the online stores should be something normal and habitual. Just take into account some tips to follow to make sure that our purchase is safe.

We want to get benefit from the great advantages offered by the companies. It brings us many benefits: it is comfortable, we get the products in cheap prices too, we can get consult the opinions of other users about the product we want to do and, above all, we can find a great diversity of products offered by the online. These benefits have made e-commerce a standard practice in every household. Who has not booked a flight through a website? And to the hotel? Tickets for the cinema, theater or other show? And without having to go to an office, shop or travel agency!

Secure Online Shopping On Our Devices

There are more than more companies that offer online stores and almost all have store applications adapted to any type of device. This makes it easier for us to buy wherever we are and when we need it. However, making the purchase from a device of our property becomes fundamental. Whether it’s a mobile phone, a tablet, a desktop computer or a laptop, we have to make sure they are protected with up-to-date antivirus, the latest software updates, encryption and any other protection our device can offer. This prevents malicious software or Trojans viruses from getting information about our transactions, passwords, card numbers or personal codes.

The Localization

Today we have the Internet in almost any place: a shopping center, a hotel, a library etc. Be suspicious of public networks when making your purchases. In these cases it is difficult to verify the WiFi security of the same and are usually more vulnerable to attacks of data theft of purchase transactions. One tip we should follow is to check out our WiFi connection at home. At least we should make sure we have protected WPA or WPA2 wireless access, which meets safety standards. If this is not the case, we will have to talk to our supplier to change or improve it. If we are sufficiently skilled, we can do it ourselves.

Tricks To Buy Online Safely

Buy and Sell On Trusted Sites

The first check that we should make it very simple. It is to corroborate that a padlock appears to us somewhere lower or higher than our navigator. The beginning of the page we are accessing should start with “https: // …” which is the secure site version and avoid the “http: // …” when buying, since your personal data will go to Travel on The net.

Choosing a trusted brand and store gives us assurance that we will buy on the online safely. It would not hurt to check the location of the website, if it is located in India  or any other country. The laws or even the currency in which we are going to make the transaction are different.

Method of Payment

We have all heard of the case of theft on cards, it has happened to a friend, acquaintance or colleague. The reality is that mostly users of those who make purchases online have used cards to pay. These are the ones that suffer the most attacks. To avoid a displeasure choose a payment method that is safe. You can use prepaid cards or services like Paytm, Mobikwik,  Freecharge Wallet or the one offered by our bank. Nor do you discard the traditional form of cash on delivery.

Privacy Policy and Returns

It is a section that we often overlook and even accept unread when making any purchase. “Accept”, “I agree with the policy”, “Next” is what we usually do because we find it tedious. We have to search and review the privacy policy in order to know how confidential our data will be treated. Remember that there is a data protection policy that we must make sure it is met.

If you want to buy online safely, avoid quick purchases. It saves you a lot of trouble if you spend a few minutes reviewing store policy. It will be a benefit for you both at the personal level of your personal data as the return circuit.


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