Fashion and Human are co-related. Since the inception of civilization, when we did not even know the word fashion even, we experimented with various materials for the sake of what to wear to cater to our needs. Men and women both wore various materials and we are at 21st century now, fashion is changing with every moment passing by.

Over the years, the fashion and the needs of the society have changed its course and we witnessed the invention and rise of new trends. There was a time when we have different plans for our wardrobe. We often used to get clothes from relatives and parents that too on special occasions like birthdays, festivals etc.

We used to go to local market, big departmental stores to choose our garments. And practically, it was a different league altogether. We had fixed occasions for getting new clothes. But as we have stepped into twenty first century, the whole situation has changed eccentrically. Big shopping malls are taking the place of departmental stores and big brands are entering the market with their mammoth collections.

With the boom of online marketing and Online shopping, the whole scenario has changed significantly. Now one can buy his or her desired clothing just by a click from home. Yes, I’m talking about online shopping here. We can now order our favorite things we want within minutes. Those who shop garments online, they are very well aware with the name

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