Tips On How To Protect Your Eyes In This Summer

Protect Your Eyes: Summer is very good, because we have holidays in this season. we have Discounts and longer days so that we can make more plans with your family and friends. But there is also a longer exposure time to the sun’s rays and therefore a problem if we do not know how to take care of the eyes in this summer.

And as we do not want to get ended this hot season with this inconvenience, and you end up starting the work day visiting ophthalmology, we will give you some tips on how to take care of the eyes of the sun this summer. If you meet them, you’ll see how well they’ve gone these weeks.

5 ideas on how to take care of eyes in this summer

you might not think that the eyes will need a more special care in these hot days. We have accustomed the skin from the sunrays, naturaly these organs are very fragile against the sun exposure and cause of chemicals that does effect after taking bath in swimming pools or river.


Air conditioners and fans are our worst enemies. On the other hand, we are cool and thanks! But on the other side, we are unknown of how eyes get draught. So before facing this problem then you need to get a good solution to hydrate them. How? Using physiological serum.

You can buy them in Pharmacy section and can carry with you, so when you notice more driness in eye you can hydrate them easily. Do you know what type of trick easy to use? Placing containers with water and plants in strategic areas of the house to moisten the environment.

Protect Your Eyes

Protect Your Eyes


Sunglasses are your great ally on this summer. One of the best tips that how to take care of the eyes against light using the sunglasses. Above we are fortunate to have a great variety amid the market, so you will always choose perfect one that is fit you best.

But apart from the good or bad that we can aesthetically remain the Sunglasses, we must take a number of precautions while buying:

Pay attention to labels, which carry and meet the health and safety requirements. Stop buying  imitations in markets and bazaars. Buy your sunglasses, optical or specialty stores or Online Stores.  Use design that include polarized lenses and 100% UV protection, thus it prevents eyes from sun rays and damaging your pupils.


When we say that you have to wear glasses when there is light we always refer to. If you are going to bathe both on the beach and in the swimming pool, wear snorkel goggles, it is the best way to protect your eyes from Chemicals and from chlorine that are thrown into pools or sea salt can redden our retinas and cause problems in the cornea and conjunctivitis. So yes. The glasses are your great allies.

Protect Your Eyes

Protect Your Eyes


Okay, the contact Lenses allow you to see perfectly the beautiful guy or girl on the beach or pool, locate your friends or visualize your umbrella from the sea, but they are not good if you want to protect your eyes. Why? Well because contact lenses are like a kind of sponges. If we take bath with them all chemical residues stick to them and cause eye infections. Apply our tips on how to take care of your eyes, and avoid being one of those unlucky ones.


Taking foods such as tropical fruits, nuts, legumes, fish and carrots help reduce the risk of cataracts. They act as natural protectors against the sun’s rays and help fight against external invasions of bacteria that can provoke infections.

You’ve already seen that protecting your eyes this summer is easier than before. With just 5 guidelines on how to take care of your eyes you can protect this important and sensitive part of your body. Enjoy the summer!