Tips For Your Running Training Plan

Running is a very fashionable sport that allows us to rid off tensions and is also very economical too, you can practice outdoors without the need to find a gym where you pay a monthly charge. It is a sport without fixed schedules and all you need is good equipment. Get ready to know Tips For Your Running Training Plan according to your goals with best equipment.

Another essential aspect is to perform the training correctly, do not know how to do it ?, Do not worry, right now we tell you how you have to plan it according to your aim to win.

Get ready to run

As in everything, preparation is essential to get the most out of this sport and avoid any injury.

First of all, you must bring an equipment according to your goal, so we must always resort to specialized stores, both physical and online, an example of them is Decathlon Online Store, where we will provide the best advice according to our needs, according to the tread , Weight and goal that you have marked. Also use Dectahlon India Coupons when you shop on Dectahlon and get extra discount.

Choose your plan according to your goal
Plan of the 5/10 kilometers:

If you want to participate in a popular race of 5 to 10 kilometers, this program of 8 weeks is the most suitable for you, in this you will combine strength and speed. If you have a complicated schedule, do not worry, this is flexible since you can prepare a schedule the days of rest.

The wheel that we will follow weekly will always be the same, but progressively increasing the kilometers achieved daily, the speed and the resistance.

You must keep in mind how important are the days of endurance and speed as the recovery days, to carry out the training satisfactorily.

Coaches recommend to do two days of recovery at the beginning of the week, these days you can walk a few miles starting at a smooth speed and increasing it gradually to prepare the body, the third day of the week is the resistance, in this debes To go initially between 3 and 5 kilometers and increase gradually during the 8 weeks of training, here the important thing is to keep a rhythm a little lower than the day of the race, we will follow the fourth day with the speed, You must travel a few kilometers marking a fixed time for a certain distance, but cheer and the weekends two more days and you will have achieved!

Do not worry, these last two days are recovery, exactly the same as the first two, do what your body asks you, rest or salt if you feel like doing a few kilometers, but in a soft plan.

For this type of training coaches recommend that the shoes carry a good cushion and stability as the Adidas shoes and also remember to wear comfortable clothing.

Tips For Your Running Training Plan

Half Marathon Running Training Plan

This plan is 14 weeks, because you need to improve the strength and speed to be able to finish at the top and do it at a good pace.

In this case the weekly wheel will continue to be the same as for the preparation of about 5 to 10 km, but now, both the day that we touch speed as the one that touches us, we must increase an average of 3 kilometers a day until we reach To be able to do the 21 kilometers of the half marathon carrying an appropriate pace of speed.

For the days of resistance we will combine to run in flat or in mountain to strengthen the musculature.

Plan to run a marathon

Determined to perform a marathon? Congratulations! You have set ourselves our most difficult goal. A marathon is a race of 42 kilometers, which is said fast but if you are not prepared it may be impossible to get proposed an important goal so we give you the keys to get it.

As previously mentioned in the kilometers and the half marathon, everything has a plan and the marathon consists of an 18-week constant training to arrive at the day prepared to reach the goal.

The wheel we will follow this time will be the same as for the previous two, you are ready to increase the distance.

The first and second day, it carries out recovery exercises, a race of between 5 and 12 kilometers increasing the speed gradually but in a way that allows you to recover the best way, on the day of speed we will continue doing what we have explained previously, we will increase speed And distance progressively, arrives the most important day, that of resistance, in this case we will start traveling 10 km that weekly increase between 3 and 4

The fifth day we return to speed in the same way as we have explained before, and since the last two are the recovery, remember that as we explained in the beginning so important are the days of resistance and speed as the recovery, so Do not forget that now you can do what the body asks you to do. On the other hand, I would like to tell you that for a race in which there are so many kilometers, it is very important to be well equipped and wear good shoes, our feet must not suffer and this time the coaches recommend the Dectahlon Online Store for all sports goods.


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