Tips To Extend Car Battery Life

It is very important to always have the car ready; Otherwise we may have very unpleasant surprises. Do you want to know some tips on how to lengthen the battery life of the car? Here are Tips To Extend Car Battery Life.

The battery of your vehicle is one of the elements that is replaced more. This is because he suffers a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. Usually it has a life of five years, although according to the use that we give, this period can be extended or on the contrary, wear more quickly.

Without the battery, your car does not move and can stop working wherever you are.

How to Extend Car Battery Life

nobody like to invest unnecessary money over their car. If we learn to use the battery correctly, we can get up to double its life span. So, let’s look at a series of tips that will help us keep our car battery in perfect condition for long lasts.

Battery Types

The first notion to know how to extend the life of a car battery.  That you have to take into account the type of battery that we have installed in our car. This will depend on its maintenance. For this we must follow the advice that the manufacturer describes. In principle, the two most frequent types of batteries are:

The LSI: are the start, ignition and illumination of vehicles with combustion engine
The industrial ones: usually they are those that carry the electric vehicles.

Avoid extremes of temperature in the car

We must avoid parking outdoors at temperatures below 5 ° and above 30 ° for periods of more than five hours. Extreme temperatures reduce battery life. The water they contain can become frozen and thus energy efficiency is reduced by half.

If we cannot avoid staying in spaces with extreme temperatures, we should identify the elements that use the most electricity to minimize their use when the car is just started.

Start by depressing the clutch

We always have to remember to start the car by depressing the clutch. If we do this, the battery will only have to start the engine and will try as little as possible. If you do not stop on the clutch you will also have to move part of the transmission system unnecessarily with the consequent battery expenditure.

Everything you need electricity, well insulated

If we want to improve the audio equipment of our car, or install more powerful lights, or any other electrical accessory, one thing that we must keep in mind is that all cables and connections are perfectly insulated. This will prevent discharges that reduce the life of the batteries when the car is stationary.

In addition if the devices that we added, require a lot of power, we should install a more powerful battery to prevent it from being exhausted sooner than necessary.

Do not turn on unnecessary systems

With the engine running, it is the alternator that facilitates electricity to the vehicle. But sometimes, if we connect many appliances that need electrical power, it may be that the alternator is not enough and the battery has to help to make them all work. This, as is normal, will reduce battery life, although this is becoming more uncommon in new cars.

Tips To Extend Car Battery Life

Try to avoid short journeys

It is not something that we can choose, since having to make a journey or another does not depend only on wanting or not. But in these cases we must avoid connecting as few appliances as possible. If the travel is very short, the alternator may not charge enough. This also acts the electricity provided by the battery, reducing the battery life.

Do not use the car to go around the corner. Take a walk and walk to the nearest places. Not only will your battery thank you, but your body will also do some exercise.

Disconnect it if you are going to have the car stopped for a while

With the car stationary, the battery tends to discharge. Therefore, it is very interesting that you start it at least once a month and make a journey of at least 30 kilometers. If you are not going to use it for more than a month, it is best to disconnect the battery. This way, you will achieve that it does not download much.

Start the car with the electrical appliances off

If you notice that the engine is difficult to start, it may be that the battery is weaker than usual. In these cases avoid putting the car in gear with the radio on, the air conditioning connected and the lights on. So all the load will concentrate on starting the engine. You must go to the workshop to change it, although, if it is not in very bad condition, you may have enough to recharge.

Avoid connecting devices with the engine stopped

When you stay in the car listening to music with the engine stopped or you have the lights on, that electricity comes directly from the battery. In this way, you are using it without it being recharged by the use of the motor.

Avoid doing this when the battery is no longer at its best. Keep this in mind especially if the temperatures are very extreme.

Check  terminals regularly

White scabs may appear on the battery terminals. Remove with a metal brush and  water. Then protect them with a little petroleum jelly, so you can extend the battery life of the car.

Battery in need of maintenance

They are less and less the ones that need it, but if so, you can check it on the same battery. This maintenance consists of filling the water they contain inside because this type of batteries evaporates. It uses distilled water for it, since the normal one contains mineral salts that reduce its effectiveness.

Experts in extending the battery life of the car

As you can see, all these tips on how to lengthen the battery life of the car is very easy to follow. It is one of the most delicate parts of your car, plus the most frequent cause of your engine failure.

Therefore, it is worth following them. Also check all the advice of the manufacturer. And do not forget to replace it when necessary, since this way you can avoid many surprises.

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Do not wait any longer and start applying all these tips on how to extend the battery life of the car!