When To Take Protein Shakes And Why

Surely if you are accustomed to exercise and you take care of yourself, you will know that shakes are extra source of carbohydrates and proteins that our body needs and especially when we do training. It is a mistake to think that this type of supplement replaces the daily nutrients of meals. We must use them as an extra or complementary. And as we want you to get the most out of your workouts today you will learn when to take protein shakes is the best option.

Do you know when to take protein shakes and why?


At bedtime we are aware that for a few hours the body will not have nutrients and will pull fat and muscle to survive. Although it is true that we are not talking about many hours, if you are in full training period, take an hour before going to bed a protein shake is a very good option But is it worth any kind of smoothie?

The answer is no. It is best to take shakes based on casein, it is effective since it makes a much slower digestion and takes longer to burn those fat. Make sure it does not carry many carbohydrates, but we would be getting the opposite effect.

When To Take Protein Shakes And Why


Despite having a shake before going toward bed, our body notices how many hours it takes without food. That is why, at breakfast, it is good to take protein shakes containing fructose. In this way, the liver’s glycogen level is recovered and the assimilated proteins go directly to the muscle.


If you are reading this article, surely it is because you are an assiduous to the exercises and trainings, either at the professional or amateur level. Either way, you will agree with us, that precisely the hours before a training are indispensable to take protein shakes before training.

In this case, using shakes that carry twice as many hydrates is a good choice. For example, we could take an hour before the exercises a piece of fruit along with half of a protein shake.


When To Take Protein Shakes And Why

Without a doubt if we have to point out a perfect time to take protein shakes, it would be the post workout. After a hard and tiring workout, what we have to do is nourish the muscle, which has been depleted of proteins, since these are assimilated in just 30 minutes.

These smoothies have to be whey as they are quick-absorbing and assimilated at the right time. This type of shakes goes directly to the muscle, quickly replenishing the sensation of exhaustion and gagging.

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Start taking care of your food and includes protein shakes smoothly. At no time will you be replacing the essential nutrients, on the contrary you will be enriching even more.

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