How To Properly Light Your Home

We have light at home to spread the light throughout the home. But do we know how to properly illuminate every corner of our home? Surely not, and but check it out after reading this post “How To Properly Light Your Home”.

We are accustomed to simply putting a lamp here and there. But we do not really look at it if we are doing it properly. If you are wondering what can these changes influence in our lives? You must know that much. The type of light bulb, the intensity of light radiating in the room can affect our health. Fatigue, headaches and loss of vision, among other ailments, are related to home lighting.

That is why it is time for you to follow our advice and enlighten your home properly.

How to light

Errors and successes when lighting your home

Combination of lights in the living room

Errors: Use only ceiling lights and not accompany them with floor lamps or table lamps. We should not leave a single type of lighting either incandescent or halogen.

Hits: Experts recommend placing floor lamps with the beam towards the ceiling and alternating with a regulator its intensity. We can mix ceiling lights with floor or table lamps. In the case of the dining room, it would be great if you put some lights on the table, but watch out, pay attention to the dimmer, so that it is special in each moment. Here are some very good examples that can inspire you.

I personally like to take a look online, it has everything and the treatment has always been very professional, any questions you have will solve it at the moment. Precisely in floor lamps or table lamps have a wide variety. Surely any room looks great Marset Maranga interior foot lamp, I at least loved it.

How To Properly Light Your Home

Top lices in the kitchen

Errors: Avoid lighting by making shadows in the work area.

Hits: In the area of ​​cooking and preparation of food, the best option is to have a perimeter light with built-in spotlights. Look at your ceiling LED bulbs. And if you are lucky enough to have in your kitchen with an office area, you should consider the possibility of placing a lamp hanging from the ceiling, I do not know you but I will stay with the Milan Kroon Interior Suspension Lamp. Take advantage and light some of the cabinets and cabinets in the kitchen, you will notice that it gives more sense of spaciousness.

How to light the bedroom?

Errors: Use in this room the same light as in the rest of the house. The bedrooms are the space for rest and tranquility, so you must bet to light the space with soft and warm lights.

Hits: How can we give the bedrooms a greater sense of tranquility and comfort? Using indirect lights through lamps or wall lamps. And of course, we never put lights on the ceiling directly on the head of the bed. The best option is to direct the lights to indirect points such as ceilings, walls and cabinets.

In you have a very interesting idea for the children room.

How about using lights with a sensor so that they only light up with the movement?

Errors: This area is one of the spaces that should best be illuminated. If you have mirrors you have to learn to place the lights properly so that they do not make you shadows. Here the use of lamps can be ignored.

Hits: In you can find many solutions to adequately light bathrooms. For example, in the ceiling area you can use Downligths, while around the mirror you can use wall sconces. In my house I use the Phillips model modern model Move and the truth is that I look great. Since I use it I have eliminated all the shadows I had and above gives me more sense of breadth.

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You will see how with these tips the lighting of your house will look different and you will be more at ease. Also use discount coupons provided by when buy lighting products online.