Power Bank: The Portable Battery Revolution

What is a Power Bank Charger?

In a time when smart phones include more and more impressive features a new problem appears, it is almost impossible for the battery of a device to last a whole day.

Power Bank chargers are born in response to this new problem allowing you to recharge phones and tablets anywhere without having to connect to the network.

It is undoubtedly the ideal solution for hikers, travelers and executives, who in constant movement, do not want or cannot, afford to run out of battery.

What is the Power Bank Charger

This simple and handy portable charger consists of the following features:

1.- USB connection

A Power Bank is usually a small device in which we find at least two USB connecter that make it compatible with all devices and their different charging systems.

2.- Power cord

The battery also includes a cable to connect it to the power or to the computer and be able to recharge it before leaving home.

Power Bank
What is the actual carrying capacity of a Power Bank battery?

The carrying capacity of these batteries is measured in mAh, milliamps of consumption per hour. Thus, the most common Power Bank batteries are usually between 2600 and 15000mAh. In this way, it is understood that the larger capacity allows to charge the Smartphone more than once, but be careful, its price goes accordingly.

In any case, the only way to know how many times an external battery of these characteristics will allow us to charge our device is to perform the following mathematical operation:

Xiaomi Power Bank 10400 mAh, another success of Xiaomi

It is not the first time we tell you, we are very fans of Xiaomi products, and of course we love the external Power Bank charger of this brand. With a capacity of 10400 mAh that allows to charge almost any device costs less than Rs 1000, it is impressive. A premium device at a low cost price, one more success of the great Chinese multinational. Also use Mi India Coupons when you buying this product on Mi India and get extra discount through CouponTrends.in.

Images Source: Mi.com