Popular Foods To Lose Weight

If you want to take a few kilograms off and you do not know how, you should know a number of foods to lose weight. Healthy eating is the key: a varied diet, full of vegetables , can make you lose weight in a few weeks and improve your health also. Don’t you know what type of foods essential for this diet?

Foods to Lose Weight

1 Seeds of all kinds

The seeds are a very nutritious item, perfect to add to your diet. They are very satiating, so they will also help you to not get hungry and avoid chopping between hours.

2  green leafy vegetables

Any vegetable is healthy, but it is even more green. These leafs are having low calories but high in fiber: perfect to accompany any dish and not increase the caloric intake. Spinach and others are essential in your diet. If you do not have time to cut them yourself, you can buy them already cut and washed.

Foods To Lose Weight

3 Gram

Perfect food: satiating, high protein and even very cheaper . You can buy them dry, in boat already cooked or in the form of wet. In addition to its many benefits is a legume that works with everything, whether as a main dish or accompaniment in salad.

4 Muesli

Add this cereal to your yogurts to make them more satiating or crush a soft fruit as example (bananas, strawberries or blackberries) and add a handful of muesli. You will enjoy all the flavor of the cereal and the benefits of the fruit. If you like to enjoy all the flavor of the muesli we recommend you buy this, which also carries nuts.

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