Nail Art: Amazing Designs Of Decorated Nails

Decorated nails are one of the most important beauty trends of recent seasons, today we show some amazing designs to inspire you in your next nails art.

Nail art: amazing designs

  1. ail art with palm trees

    Nothing better than good palms and a tropical landscape to decorate your nails in summer, if you are a fervent admirer of the new tropical streams that splash clothes, supplements and tumblr, you can do it also in your nails with this tutorial.

    2. Nails decorated with flags

    A good example of nail art is the nail decoration with country flags, a trend that was presented at the last Olympic Games in London, where you could see girls wearing nails decorated with the flag of England.

    3.Un decorated with natural motifs

    Another aspect in which you can be inspired to get nails decorated is nature. For example, the decoration of nails with flowers or other natural motifs such as tiger skin, birds or fruits, will help to emphasize your feminine character. If you want to know more, visit our post Nails decorated with flowers.
    Amazing Designs Of Decorated Nails


     4. Color degradation

    One of the simplest and most effective designs is the color gradient, you only need 5 shades of the same color and order them in your nails from lighter to darker. This would be the result:

    5. Comics and Cartoons

    Comics and caricatures can also be another inspiration when it comes to decorated nails. You can use figures from the 50’s or something like pin up to give originality to the arrangement of your nails. That will help you if your style is elegant but cool and flirty.

    6. Hawaiian Nails

    If you like tropical flowers, this is your design. In this nail art the most important thing is to design with white color on the base of the nails the vegetation and then to add color little by little.

    7. Nails

    If you’re is the sea, we propose nails decorated with sailors motifs, prepare to fill your nails with anchors, stripes and gold laces.

    And before we say goodbye, remember that the base of good-looking nails is healthy eating and excellent care as nothing will be useful if you have battered hands. Also Use Discount Coupons Through on your next shopping.