Lingerie For Special Occasions

We all have our moments of inspiration in which we feel like buying lingerie for special occasions: the bad thing is that many times what we find does not just convince us. Finally we decided not to buy it because we do not know if it is carried or, above all, if it will fit us well. We bring you a list with the best lingerie for special occasions and we give you the keys of how to take it, when and how to combine it.

Choose your lingerie for special occasions

When it comes to choosing lingerie, not everything depends on the one we like the most. We must take into account other factors such as our style or our comfort. Take note. Surely you want to get everyone on the list!

Infallible set

When you think of lingerie … does not it come to mind a black set with lace? Here you have it! It is a set with rings and lace in black, which will sit great for all body types. Surely, once you have it, it will become essential in your closet.

One of the tricks of the Parisian style is to wear black bra when they are going to put on a white shirt. This small transparency will give you a chic air of the most Parisian. A must!

Set of triangles in red

If you prefer to wear a triangle bra, this is the set you are looking for. In addition, red is the ideal color for lingerie when it comes to special occasions. It is a color that enhances the tone of the skin. Thanks to this, it will make you feel super sexy even in the middle of winter.

Lingerie For Special Occasions

Flower embroidery: a safe bet

A bra and matching panties can be a day-to-day garment. However, if you want to give them a special touch, bet on buying them with a flower embroidery. It never fails! It is worn in any season and is beautiful in all body types. Choose not to use it when you wear garments of light colors, as they will be transparent their different colors.

Lace in pale tones

The pale-toned lingerie may look good on different shades of your skin. Enhances the most women with darker skins and accompanies those with lighter skins. Nowadays there is lingerie for special occasions for all kinds of sizes. If you are curvy or very thin, you do not have to worry: you will find the perfect lingerie!

Satin: your great ally

Satin is a fabric that is related to sensuality. Surely you’ve seen it hundreds of times in the movies. This set in satin and yellow tones is ideal because it combines classic sensuality with the most fashionable tones. We love! You can use it with top vapors that let you see the bra and look another great trend.

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