Lenovo ThinkPad E470: The Notebook Revolution

Like all our electronics, laptops need to be renovated. Some people still have computers that do not have many of the basic functions today. There are people who even have laptops that weigh several kilos, which makes it uncomfortable to transport them. When buying a laptop you have to take into account many practical factors for the day to day. We tell you why the  Lenovo ThinkPad E470 is a great choice for your next purchase.

Lenovo ThinkPad E470: the definitive laptop

If you have not yet thought about buying a laptop or changing the one you have, just answer the following questions:

Do you have a bulky PC and need mobility and lightness?
While turning on your computer, does it give you time to even make yourself more of a coffee?
When you try to load a page on the Internet or look at pictures, does the clock give you 10?
Do you have to be connected all day to the current because the battery only lasts an hour?
Do you spend a few minutes to start any application or even hangs?

If any of your answers have been “yes”, it’s time to change your laptop. That’s why we assure you that there is no better option than one from Lenovo. Why Lenovo? There are seven reasons for this choice. It is among the best Interbrand global brands; Has details that make a difference; Stands out for its reliability, design, modernity, its intuitive interface and, last but not least, its support. Within the entire range of Lenovo, one of the most versatile models that can be coupled to all needs, whether private or business, is the  Lenovo ThinkPad E470. In addition to this, we cannot forget his older brother, the ThinkPad E570.

The most notable features of these two models are as follows.

Flat, light and powerful

With a flat and lightweight design, both the  Lenovo ThinkPad E470 and the E570 are equipped with Intel® Core ™ 7th generation processors. The screen size is 14 “on the  Lenovo ThinkPad E470. However, on the ThinkPad E570 Lenovo is 15.6 “, which makes it less light than the first but adds more visibility. In addition, it can be configured to add different graphic options, storage, memory and connectivity depending on the requirements of your business.
Ready for business and insurance

Lenovo ThinkPad E470

Bet on Windows 10, which adds numerous improvements to the previous operating systems. It also includes additional ports that you cannot miss, HDMI and USB. These allow you to connect your laptop to your SmartTV or any other device to make presentations or share information. Make your own fingerprint the best password, as both notebooks incorporate the function of fingerprint reader. And what is more striking, the functionality of the secure platform module (TPM) will allow you to encrypt your data guaranteeing maximum peace of mind.

Simpler Web Conferences

Enjoy video conferencing with your co-workers or friends in a simple and intuitive way. The ThinkPad E470 and E570 include an HD webcam that provides a wide viewing angle, a facial tracking function and a high light sensitivity. In addition, they are equipped with two microphones with noise canceling function. For these functions it has practical multimedia keys for easy and quick access to the microphone and the speaker.

An award-winning keyboard

The legendary ergonomic keyboard that characterizes the ThinkPad is characterized by its water resistance and its complete set of keys, its excellent touch and the device Pointer TrackPoint®, the highlight. It also has the TrackPad panel, which can be configured in different ways can put all the functions of the mouse and many others configurable according to your needs.

Both the  Lenovo ThinkPad E470 and the ThinkPad E570 have a prize for the best keyboard.

Spectacular images and extraordinary sound

The E570 is a spectacle for sight and hearing. It comes with a 15.6 “Full HD display (1920 x 1080) with anti-glare technology. You’ll enjoy crystal clear surround sound from your integrated stereo speakers and Dolby® Audio ™ Premium technology. Finish your multimedia experience with an optical multi-recorder.


Legendary Reliability

These laptops are known for their strength, durability and quality. ThinkPad laptops have passed the most demanding tests. These include the most rigorous pressure tests, extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations and dust.

With these tips, changing or buying your first laptop is going to be very easy. At Lenovo you can find it according to your needs at good prices and a great variety. If you want to make your need a good investment, do not wait another second to go and get yours. The best thing is that, thanks to our advice, you’re sure to get it right!

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Images Source: Amazon