Know The Keys To Bird Care

Birds, these lovely and lovely creatures, can be as good pets as any. They also have a nice song, which will brighten your days. Caring for birds is a point to keep in mind. A well-groomed and properly trained bird can become very attached to you and interact with you as much as any other pet.

Bird care: how to know that your bird is healthy and active

Make sure you get a bird that is perfectly healthy and fit. For this you must take into account several key points. We tell you:

Unmarried, depressed, irritable
That does not tend to hide the head under the wings
That your tail does not make movements often up and down: this is also a symptom of some disorder
That their droppings are not stuck to the feathers of their tail
Let his plumage shine and have no bug in it

The best precaution is to buy your bird at a reputed pet store, since there you will get all kinds of services that your pet may need, even pet health insurance that can come in handy.

How to care for your bird

There is an immense variety of birds. Although they all have some common traits in terms of their care, it is also necessary to know that they have some differentiators that make them unique. You must learn the traits that differentiate them and know how to treat them properly so that your bird is full and sits spectacularly.
Your diet determines your health

It is very important for any living being that their food is adequate. Each one needs specific nutrients to develop in the best possible way. Thus, birds should be provided with the most appropriate birdseed. In the specialized stores we will find the feeding for each type of bird, with the concrete seeds that it needs.

Know The Keys To Bird Care

In addition, we can also provide you with fruits and vegetables to vary your diet. Lettuce, apple or tomato will provide you with extra vitamins and minerals that will help you in good health. You can give foods that are rich in vitamin A, such as sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, corn and the like. Nuts can be a food variant for your pet. We can also give them vitamin supplements or calcium to provide them with a health bonus at specific times that need it.
Bird care in summer

During the months of July to September, the care of the birds is something more special. It is at that moment when the moulting of its plumage occurs, so the birds are more weakened. It will be a special time to give you a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

At this time of year we must apply a little moisture to them so that they can cool off. In this way we can help them to remove the plumage they have left over more quickly. We will have to place a bowl with little water to get into it and refresh. You’ll see how they like it. We can also spray your body with a little of this liquid. They will be key guidelines for bird care in summer.

This time of year is also the ideal time to watch the state of your nails and trim them. To do this, you should first ask the veterinarian how to do it, since it is not a very simple task. This will also help you not to have any accidents to have them very long. Peak growth should also be monitored to avoid excessive length.

A few hours of sunshine are also beneficial, but you should avoid it in the hottest hours of the day. If what you do is give it more clarity than sun, much better.

Know The Keys To Bird Care

Take care of your cage properly

The cage is the space where the bird spends most of its time, so it has to be appropriate to its size. It does not need to be overly large, but enough. The bird should feel comfortable and should be able to move normally.

It should be placed in a place where it receives a lot of natural light. In this way you will not feel more locked up than you already are.

Clean the cage regularly with disinfectants. You must change your food scraps every day. In the same way, do it with your excrement so you do not make a mess with your food and these. A good solution is to line the bottom of your cage with newsprint and often replace it with a new one. This will make it easier to remove.

You should also bathe your bird and clean it regularly. Grooming ensures the bird’s appeal and helps you stay healthy.

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