Kindle E-reader: Everything You Need to Know

If you travel through public transport then you probably require to notice little by little handbooks are given way to e-readers, that is to e-book readers or e-books. Let’s see what they are and what advantages we offer on these e-readers kindle which are so light in weight.

What is the Kindle e-reader?

The Kindle e-reader is an e-book reader, a portable device that allows you to store, read digitized books, that is created by the virtual store.

Yes, there are other readers of eBooks, but Amazon Kindle is the most popular. Let’s see why.

Advantages of Kindle

The first Kindle came to light in 2007. If you’re not a fan of electronic gadgets you should think twice: Nine years in the world of gadgets is a world. To this day the characteristics of Kindle Paper white leave the first Kindle totally outdated.

Let’s see one by one the great advantages of reading with the Kindle e-reader:

Kindle is very light

We have pointed it out before. It is a really light weight device. No more pain in the wrists lift by long books. Reading in bed with Kindle is a real pleasure.

Kindle battery lasts for weeks

it is a portable device. Taking it out for a walk and reading anywhere is easy, thanks to its lightness and autonomy: the battery of the Kindle e-reader lasts weeks with a single charge.

Kindle E-reader: Everything You Need to Know

It is easy to illuminate

There is a wide range of fantastic accessories and your kindle is more light weight. There are Kindle leather covers, plastic, a thousand colors, prints. The reading clips are a very economical solution and you can use them to read with your paper books.

If you do not want to use accessories the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and the Kindle Voyage carry integrated reading light. It is ideal for reading anywhere with the utmost discretion and without disturbing others.
In 4 GB fit all your books.

In the age of Terabytes you may think that 4 GB is not much. Yes it is. For example, a book of approx 1000 pages, its weights approx 4 MB.

All Kindle offers 4GB of storage because it is more than enough capacity to store thousands of books. You also have free storage in the Amazon Cloud for all content.

Kindle is the ultimate readability

Readability is a very valuable quality, especially when you do not have your 100% view. Kindle solves this wonderfully. Its 6-inch screen has very good resolutions, between 167ppp and 300ppp (resolution used in high-quality printing).

On the one hand, you can adjust the size of the typography as much as you need and on the other hand your screen offers a perfect contrast and does not reflect at all. You know, this summer you can go to the beach and forget the reading glasses quietly.

Kindle E-reader: Everything You Need to Know

What can I read on Kindle?

These are formats that Kindle supports: Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI without protection, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP per conversion.

The MOBI format is the most popular. It offers a better reading experience by allowing all the customization options: typographies, page adjustments, etc.

What I cannot read on Kindle?

If yours are the comic readers, Kindle is not for you. Its black and white screen does not do justice to the inking jobs.

Where to buy Kindle

the best place to buy Kindle is undoubtedly Amazon India. There is always some offer, you can contract insurance with extended warranty and the after-sales service is second to none.
Amazon Kindle e-reader is perhaps the best eBook reader on the market, with the most complete catalog and the most affordable prices. I have it for years and I cannot read without it, especially at night and on the way to work.

And what are you waiting to prove it?

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