How to Protect Your Identity On The Web

To this day there is no person who has not had contact with the network: from reading the newspaper or buying a trip to sharing his life daily on social networks. Any work we do on the internet leaves clues about who we are, about our tastes and preferences, and we must be very cautious with that data. Do you want to know how to protect your identity on the web in the best way?

How to protect your identity on the web | Aspects to consider

It is very important to protect our identity on the web to avoid possible impersonations of our identity or that our data is a currency of exchange. If you do not know how to protect yourself, we bring you the basic keys that you must have in order to manage the network safely.

The Importance of Your Identity

Surely you think that if you are not a company you do not need to protect yourself on the net. Absolutely. All data is equal in value and we as individuals must protect ourselves as much as large corporations. Start by filtering your data and avoid having too much of your information exposed to anyone’s reach.

Use different accounts and change passwords

There is no better barrier to possible hacking than good passwords and many steps to be able to re-establish them. It is very important that you change your passwords at least twice a year. It is also recommended that you have several email accounts to enter all the services you use. Remember that if you focus everything on an account you are more vulnerable.

Protect Your Identity on the Web

Create personal brand

Once you are sure that your accounts are private and hard to hack, you must be aware of your fingerprint. Search in different search portals your name and the information that is of you. You may have left a lot of clues in the past or even someone posing as you. Impersonation is much more common than you think. It is serious as it can seriously affect you both personally and professionally.

Buy your domains

Moving ahead to future impersonations or other evils you may suffer on the net, a great idea is to buy a domain with your name. Your identity more .com or .in will not cost you much throughout the year. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure that no one trades with your name in the future.

Use external services to hide your data

In addition to the basic elements that we have already told you how to change your passwords or monitor the information that is about you, it is not enough to protect to the maximum. For example, through Godaddy you can access a private domain registration service that will protect all your data. In the registry you need to enter address, phone and full name and thanks to the protection service of Godaddy this data will be kept secret to the network.

As you see there are different ways to protect your identity on the web. Godaddy is a service that greatly facilitates this work. Through your web you can hire different security packs, either individually or for your company. In addition, you will have a help desk every day of the year. Remember that it is extremely important to protect yourself in the network and prevent future problems. Do not forget that Godaddy coupons are available, so you can save on protecting your identity on the web.