What Is Hosting? Where To Buy Hosting?

Struggling against the pace of the internet, too fast even for Internet users. We now face one of the current market trends in internet solutions, hosting. And surely you’ve asked yourself what is hosting? Off course all the explanations you can find, from my point of view the easiest to understand would be “A service that provides a place to host, host or install your applications, emails and files.”

Although this definition is not really the right one, it has emerged with the internet boom. The term hosting is generally confused with hosting of Internet environments, ie applications, web services, e-mail. In principle arises from the need to have servers with both technical and human infrastructure to store information in a secure and accessible way for users 24 hours.

In short, focus on what adds value, which for you is your business or project and reduce costs.

Buying hosting is the reason that will help you get it, focus on your business or project and companies that operate in this business take care of the technological part.

Buy hosting, what is it for?

Having clear the reason why we buy hosting, we will focus on hosting. What is the purpose of hosting? Whether you are a professional or have a serious project. The first two reasons that I will detail are key in any internet solution:

Mail Service

If you want to take care of the image of your project, it is the best option. A proprietary domain and an associated mail convey a more serious and competent impression. It is a way to invest in your project. The provider hosting offers between different packages, such as domain plus mail, professional mail and additional disk space or even add Microsoft Office package (mail + office).

Web Service

Once you have purchased a web hosting plan, what you actually do is buy a space on one of the hosting provider’s servers that allows you to access your website from anywhere. These plans usually include the mail service, the domain and tools to manage and design your website. One of the most popular tools is Word Press.

What Is Hosting

Server Applications

When the project you want to host is any application, it is a pure hosting plan, where you can host any application not necessarily web service or mail. Such as a database, a company server, etc.

Whatever type of service you buy you have to consider the type of host in which you will host the service that you contract. A quick summary:

Free web hosting, it has zero cost, but they are not for a serious project. Poor services.
Shared web hosting, shares the resources of a server between the pages they host. This type of recruitment is economical. For moderate traffic websites with modest requirements.
Virtual Private Servers (VPS), the hosting provider divides a physical server into several virtual ones, assigning to each VPS certain resources.
Dedicated servers, the physical server is not divided and all resources are exclusively for us.
Hybrid servers are a mix between Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers. Some shared and other dedicated resources.

Hosting, 10 Factors to Consider

  1. The price, fundamental factor must be balanced between the characteristics offered by the supplier and their quality.
  2. The services they offer, email, domain, web services and related applications. One tip is to thoroughly review the Web Security issue if we are going to have our business on these hostings.
  3. The technical specifications, depending on what you want to hire and the plan that selections you must have included in the final cost all the resources that you will need.
  4. Scalability, if your business or project is growing, you need to be able to cover your needs in a transparent way, without major changes.
  5. The work area, not all those who offer hosting do so for your area of ​​work or your project. For example, you can not give a solution for large companies when you are simply thinking about creating a blog.
  6. Technical support, speed and effectiveness is what most hosting buyers require. Counseling, support and resolution when you have problems is of great value when you are in an online business. A 24 x 7 service is very well valued, provided it is cash, of course.
  7. Reputation, check the opinion and degree of satisfaction of people who have hosting contracts with that provider. The reputation of the provider gives you the assurance that your project will work and will do it well.
  8. The hardware affects the performance of your project. The plans proposed by hosting providers usually include servers, as I have told you; Shared, dedicated or mixed. The hardware affects the performance and performance that your project needs to offer your customers.
  9. User interface, the management of your page, your emails, your applications must have an easy to use and intuitive interface so you can make changes to your settings without being an expert in technology.
  10. Extra services, is what differentiates one provider from another.

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Images Source: Godaddy.com