Home Tips For Perfect Skin

When it comes to skin care, homemade beauty tricks are always fun to discover and try them on, either in an afternoon dedicated to us or in the company of good friends. Here You find home tips for perfect skin.

Because, who does not like to try to make a homemade mask with some of the ingredients that we can find in our own home?

Here are some homemade tricks for skin care.

The best homemade tricks to have the perfect skin

Masks of natural ingredients

If you want to have your skin cared for without spending too much money, open your refrigerator, in it you will find foods with the cucumber ideal to prepare a great mask.

Make the dark circles with potatoes disappear

Next we will deal with specific areas, such as dark circles.

For this nothing better than the potato, cut into thin slices are placed over the eyes for about 15-20 minutes several times a week, the results are magnificent.

Perfect nails with lemon and toothpaste

In skin care keeping nails without stains is essential, try cleaning them with lemon or brushing them with toothpaste.

Tips For Perfect Skin

You can prevent wrinkles with grapes

To remove the premature appearance of wrinkles nothing better than the seedless grapes, any anti-wrinkle cream contains grapes as the main ingredient, so nothing easier than cutting it and leaving it anointed for about 5 minutes down the face and neck.

Soft and impurities

To achieve smoothness in your skin, we present a preparation based on honey, cream and oats, you will be surprised with the results. And the great enemy of the skin, the acne, combat it with strawberries, because these attack directly to the bacteria that causes it.

In the case of feet, a mixture of mint oil, olive oil and milk in water will make them soft in a few weeks.

Purify your skin with water vapor

Finally say that for skin care, the sauna session does wonders. Why not make your own sauna at home for your face?

Boil some water and pour in drops of lemon and essential oil of eucalyptus, place a towel between the container and your face and let the pores open for a few minutes.

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