Five Keys To Expanding Your Company’s Brand Image

If you have become an entrepreneur recently, or you have been a few years, but you are still in the process of taking off, the brand image of your company and communication with the environment are crucial factors that you cannot neglect at any time.

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First they see you, then they listen to you

Every entrepreneur faces a very important challenge, which is to build and maintain a brand image. We usually assume that it is important to give a good image, but from the saying to the fact there is a lot of fabric to cut. The concept of good image is not universal and depends a lot on the activity that you dedicate, so it is fair to say that a corporate image, to be good, needs to perfectly reflect the commercial essence of the company.

The image of a company is made up of several factors, such as dealing with the client or the ability to solve commercial conflicts. However, here we will focus only on the visual or appearance factor. Of course, a balance between form and content must be maintained so as not to detract from the expectations of the public, which should be perceived as the best solution for their needs, whatever the type. Here are some ideas:

Care for your logo

The font and associated image, if any, must be simple, attractive, and original. They must capture the spirit of the company, that is, reflect effectively what it is engaged in. It should look good in any size and, as far as possible, not go out of style. They may always need some tweaking from time to time to update it, but you have to get away from fashion clich├ęs that will be outdated quickly.

brand image

Color your ideas

Colors are a fundamental part of the logo and must be in tune with the commercial object of the brand. A careful study of the properties of each color will result in the best choice of what you can use to give life to your logo. So, for example, orange is a tasty color that would not reinforce the image of a law firm, in the same way that navy blue, which conveys seriousness and confidence, would be ineffective in supporting a fast food franchise.

Become visible

Once you have your logo ready with the colors of the company you must use it strategically. The letterhead of your business letters or the signature of your e-mails are excellent places to place it, without exceeding the size. Of course, you should also include it in any type of commercial, commercial collaboration or sponsorship of events, as well as in the different sections of your web page. The more attractive it is, the more likely you are to attract customers.

The staff is the best brand image

Corporate clothing is a trick you have at your disposal, provided that the activity you dedicate to advise. You have several degrees, from the integral uniform, like the one that the personnel of certain restaurants takes, until a simple polo with the logo of the company in small size. Of course, here you can also make an intelligent use of the colors of your company.

Walls speak

The exterior of your offices, warehouses or workshops is another good place to show your colors, your logo and all the elements that make up the image of your brand. Not only will it help you find yourself with ease, but it is a free static advertising support that you cannot stop taking advantage of. You can also display them with discretion in the interior design of your offices.

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