Discover The Top 9 Countries To Visit

The number of people traveling to many different places in the world is increasing. “I want to go out and discover” “I want to meet new people and see cultures” “I want to go around the world”. There are many incredible countries to visit and fascinating places to discover, even in your own city, or next to your home. One of the great purposes of traveling is to know new places, to enrich yourself by meeting new people, new cultures and opening your mind a little more to the many differences that you can find every step you take. Of all the places of the world, we find countries that must visit to achieve these purposes.

This list not only presents 9 places you can visit, such as France, Italy, Germany or other European countries, but it presents a top 9 of countries to visit around the world. You will be able to realize the great diversity of cultures and lifestyles that they have and will make your perspective of them change.

9 countries to visit | Discover new cultures


Known for its cinematographic scenarios, the United States is one of the most visited countries in the world. Its star city is undoubtedly New York. Strolling along its great avenues and seeing yourself surrounded by hundreds of people will make you feel like in a movie.

It is a consumer city, where purchasing power will choose your social position. This trip will make you see the standard of living that people want to achieve in order to feel at a much higher social level and the importance they give to everything material.


We continue in America, but this time we go down to the south. A place where consumerism is much smaller and will make you see, compared to New York, that is not so important. Its culture and kindness are something unique and what its inhabitants feel proud of. In addition, the sacred valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu will make you feel a special energy. You will be able to perceive the peace that transmits the place. It is certainly one of the countries to visit that you cannot miss.


This country is the 11th most populous in the world and seventh most linguistically diverse country in the world. Its great cultural diversity, gastronomy, crafts, music, history, its landscapes and the life of its streets will make you feel in a totally different place. You will find yourself with so much diversity that you will enjoy with each one of the looks that you dedicate to your all around.


Discover The Top 9 Countries To Visit

Among the countries to be visited we certainly include those with great extremes, such as Australia. Some cities can be huge economic influences, like Sydney. But its spectacular landscapes will invite you to travel its roads and enjoy nature in its purest form, losing you and knowing totally virgin places. The peace and the good vibrations that its inhabitants transmit, will end you with a very good taste of the mouth.


Together with China, it could be one of the countries with a culture totally different from ours. At every step you will find something that will surprise you. From new technologies like its centenary traditions. Japan is a country that, without a doubt, you cannot miss. You will make a trip to the future and to the past in equal parts.


Its incredible paradisiac beaches, its landscapes and its emblematic monuments; Its culture, its traditions; The traditional and the modern. You will be surprised by the infinite possibilities that you can discover in this country. The happiness and friendliness of its inhabitants will make your trip 100% authentic.


The cradle of Western civilization is one of the countries to visit. They were the pioneers in many fields such as biology, poetry, philosophy, history, etc. Its impressive buildings will not leave you indifferent and will transport you to the past. So many years of history summarized in its monuments; The principle of civilizations. When you visit it you will understand why it is an indispensable place in your travel list. In addition, its beaches, landscapes and gastronomy are something you cannot miss.

South Africa

Discover The Top 9 Countries To Visit

In this country of the African continent you will see how a great diversity of people with different cultures, races and religions coexist. You can extend your mind beyond these characteristics that many people discriminate. For those who say it is impossible to mix ethnicities, religions and different beliefs in one place, South Africa is one of the countries to visit.


An authentic country in which they try not to hide anything. They are as such and as they seem and is the main focus of attraction of these countries. Your naturalness and the beauty of your desert landscapes will fall in love with you because you can find the beauty between so much chaos. In addition, its gastronomy is a delicacy in itself, a mixture between sweet and salty.

It is very difficult to decide only 9 countries to visit. The ones that we present to you are countries that enrich us by their cultures. This does not mean that countries like Italy or Turkey have nothing to visit, much less.

In some of these countries there is political instability or countries with scarce economic resources, so we must be careful about what we hire and where we buy. Something very important is to find a reliable accommodation, do not always go to for the cheapest. It could be places that are not legal. Makemytrip  has hotels in many of these destinations. They will also offer you many amenities that you will appreciate especially after long trips. Do not forget to get the Makemytrip  coupons Code to enjoy its advantages.

Enjoy the great variety of cultures that you can meet and travel as much as possible.