Discover The Exercises For Dogs And For You

Dogs also need to live a healthy life, both in sport and in food. With the exercises you can burn a lot of the energy you accumulate during the day and also feel more at ease. Like people, this will also keep them in shape, as well as avoiding certain diseases they might have in the future. Here you discover the exercises for dogs and for you.

There are several exercises for dogs, it all depends on whether you get in shape or if you prefer something quieter. That’s why we present some exercises that you can do together. It will serve to spend more time with your pet and that is always comforting.

Discover the best exercises for dogs

Before starting to play sports with your dog, you must take into account some tips:

1) Take your dog to the vet to know its health. To inform you adequately about the conditions of your dog

2) Like us, if you’ve never exercised, have her start slowly and observe her physical shape. It starts with walks of 30 to 60 minutes.

3) Look at their signs of fatigue. It will be very important to know when to stop and give you a break.

4)   It is important that you teach him to go to your side at all times and control yourself when you see other dogs. If in the middle of the exercise the dog becomes uncontrolled and distracted, it will be a problem.

5)  Always moisturize your dog properly. You should never run out of water, even if you notice that you need it during exercise. Wear it with you always to hydrate.

6)  Choose the few hours of less heat and heat a little earlier with them, like throwing the ball.

These tips, we brings some sports for dogs. You can practice with him and get in shape together.

Cycling for you, running for him

Taking a bike ride is always something pleasant, both in winter and in summer. Take advantage of these occasions to be accompanied by your dog. You can start slowly and increase speed slowly. But beware, not all dogs endure the same. Adjust yourself to him and watch him on the way for signs of fatigue. For if your pet needs it, let it recover and moderate the speed if necessary.

Discover the exercises for dogs and for you


Most of the dogs do like to keep running, although it is true that this activity will be differ in a German shepherd and a French bulldog, for example. That’s why you have to consider how much you can take. Start little by little to find out what your physical condition is and what conditions are best for your pet. In order for your dog to not suffer injuries, his skeleton must have matured.


Not all the exercises have to be outdoors. At home we can start exercise. Throwing balls or records is a perfect entertainment. If you have stairs at home, have them climb and lower them while playing with some object. Play to remove the ball, this will make you run. And if you want something quieter but also activate it, you can even play hide and seek.


Swimming is one of the perfect summer dog exercises. Make him swim from side to side and even throw balls at him. Do not forget that not all dogs feel comfortable in the water, so you’ll have to find out first. Even if they know how to swim well, never lose sight of it.

The Importance of Good Food

After a good workout, it is time to recover. Do not forget to moisturize it very well, but you must also have prepared a post training dog food: from prizes for good work, to a good dish of meatballs. Yes, yes, you read well. Dogs also have the right to pay homage from time to time.

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These are the most outstanding dog exercises. Do not be afraid to try different things with him. If it is not to your liking, you will see it clearly.

So what exercises are you going to practice?