Recipes Of  Cupcakes With Caramel

Cupcakes, despite being a traditional American pie, are one of the new pop symbols of this century. From the United States, these little cakes, similar to the classic muffins or muffins, has burst in all the bakeries of the world.

Ingredients Of Candy Cupcakes

The basic ingredients is butter, sugar, eggs and flour Generally to give it more flavour and a nice presentation you will add frosting and shavings. Today we present an ingredient that will undoubtedly elevate your creations to a new dimension, the caramel.

The candy can be added to the cupcake anyway. Even bathe in popcorn! Popcorn is easy to make in the microwave, with caramel you need to be more careful. The difference between leaving it at its point and burning it is minimal and can be a few seconds. It is important that the base cupcake  is also delicious.

Recipes Of Cupcakes With Caramel


For example, we can try the chocolate and bathe it with a little bit of bourbon. In case we want a version for children we could try with any other flavour or fruit juice. What is clear is that this mixture of flavors will not leave any guest indifferent.

Another recipe that combines cupcakes and caramel is the one presented at It combines the  Buttercream with  Caramel Sauce.  In case you do not have this sauce you can try another type of caramel. A spoonful of vanilla extract will complete this delicious dessert. For the presentation, some chocolate wafers that will make anyone resist to try a bite.

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