Common Computer Viruses And How To Protect Them

Computer viruses seem to be a thing of the past but nothing further from reality: today they remain very active and are especially harmful. It is very important to protect all our devices (mobile phones, tablets and computers) against these viruses as an infection can wipe out all our files and can cause of malfunction, photos and more.

Computer viruses have evolved greatly since the first known, With the boom of computers uses at home we suffer a huge flood of computer viruses and there was a time when it was very common to have more than one computer. Currently these viruses are introduced by new formulas and can be especially harmful since they can hijack our online identity or our bank details.

What are the most common computer viruses?

Fake virus

They are programs that interrupt our normal use of the functions of the computer but that do not damage our files. If our pc is infected, messages will appear continuously or annoying sounds will be issued to the user that will interrupt the common use of the computer.

To avoid this, it is advisable not to open suspicious files that arrive by mail or instant messaging.

Most Common Computer Viruses And How To Protect Them


Worms viruses are very common: their main function is to meddle in all possible points of the system and thus slow it down. They run from the moment the computer is turned on and attempt to expand through emails that are sent automatically, without the user controlling their distribution. They do not usually affect the files that we have saved but they make the pc so slow that it is almost impossible to use it.

It is advisable not to download suspicious programs and keep the computer clean thanks to anti-virus that clean the boot processes.

They are the most harmful computer viruses that exist and are still hotly updated. Its name comes from how they spread: like the Trojan horse. They are camouflaged as a normal program or file (a song, a game, a movie) and once inside the computer are responsible for destroying all files and return to the computer unusable. You have to be especially careful with these viruses since in a matter of minutes they can end up with everything that we have saved in our pc.

Save Your Device From Viruses

Generally you have to avoid downloading unknown files and not allow the computer to run programs that may be suspicious. The best option is to purchase a good antivirus, such as Bitdefender, which fully protects all our devices. It has a system to clean the computer, protect it from the start, control the files that arrive by email and a security border that we must authorize for the programs to run. It also has functions to clean cookie files and keep our devices clean so that it works quickly and safely.

Getting a complete antivirus is the best option to ensure the life of our devices and Bitdefender is the best and most economical option. With this antivirus surfing the net will be safe and we will not have to get worried about the new viruses that are upcoming toward your computer.

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