Is Cleaning The Same Thing As Disinfecting?

Learn how to protect your home (and your family) from germs with our short summary! Is Cleaning The Same Thing As Disinfecting?
At your house, cleaned or disinfected? If you’re thinking it’s the same thing, you’re wrong! Many times we use these words interchangeably when, in fact, they are not.

According to the some dictionary;

– To clean is to “remove the dirt or filth of someone or something”. That is to say, it is what we do when sweeping or when the dust passes, remove the dirt. But that is not disinfecting.

– To disinfect is “to remove to something the infection or the property of causing it, destroying the harmful germs or preventing its development”.

As you see, disinfecting is much more than cleaning. It is to clean, eliminate and prevent possible outbreaks of infection. By cleaning up we end up with the visible, while disinfecting we eliminate the invisible.

Striking a balance between these two different but complementary tasks helps us to keep our environment as healthy as possible and avoid possible infections.

Is Cleaning The Same Thing As Disinfecting

When to clean and when to disinfect?

Knowing when to clean is easy because the dirt is seen. The hard part knows when to disinfect.

As a rule, it is advisable to disinfect at least once a week bath, kitchen and floors. If we manipulate raw meat in the kitchen, we should disinfect immediately afterwards. And if we have kids or pets at home, it is also wise to scrub the floor with water and bleach every day.

The ground and the children

when we have children at home, especially when they are small and still crawl and play on the ground; this should be our main focus.

1) It is advisable to remove your shoes when entering the house (not to drag particles from the outside)

2) Aspirate or sweep daily to remove dirt and dust mites.

3) As we have seen before, just sweeping will not end the germs. Therefore, in the kitchen, bathroom and in floors that allow it, it is advisable to scrub using products with disinfectant properties, such as those containing bleach and detergents. Buy all these cleaning products at Amazon and get extra discount when use Amazon Coupons through CouponTrends.In.