How To Choose Sunglasses According To Your Face Type

One of the star products of summer is undoubtedly the sunglasses. It is something that at this time we use almost daily to protect our eyes.   Sometimes, we do not pay the attention that deserves to choose sunglasses and we buy the first ones we find.

Some sunglasses can contribute a lot to your appearance or subtract if they are not suitable for you. So today we are going to make a small guide so that you can choose sunglasses according to your type of face and you are perfect always.

Choose sunglasses especially for you

To know what kind of face you just have to put yourself in front of the mirror with hair collected and with a neutral face, like the one we put for DNI photos, and look at your features being totally sincere with yourself. You already have it? Now look at how it looks more like the ones we leave behind and learn what type of glasses you should use.

Round Face

A round face is defined by a smooth circular shape, in which the width and length are almost the same, the jaws and chin are not very marked.

The glasses that favor this type of face are the ones that break with the roundness of the face. So lenses that have marked angles and that protrude from your face will be your best companions. If the glasses are dark colored or with the upper tips are pointy, much better.

choose sunglasses


Oval face

An oval face is the most proportionate of all, is defined by balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead.

Being the face that has the most harmony, practically all types of glasses will fit you. In this case you will depend more on your style or preference when choosing.

Long or rectangular face

This type of face is longer than wide by difference and has very sharp angles, as much of the jaw as the chin.

The ideal is to choose large and elongated glasses, occupy practically the entire width of your face and stand out a little. So your face will look a little smaller.

Square face

This type of face has the same distance of long that of width and has the marked angles.

The ideal is to choose sunglasses with rounded angles that occupy the whole face. Do not opt ​​for small size glasses, it is likely that they do not favor you too much.

Triangular face

This type of face has a very thin and pronounced chin and a larger front.

The ideal sunglasses for this group are aviator type with fine frame, since this form will bring harmony to your face.

This we just told you is a theory of beauty that can give some other solution when you do not know what type of glasses to buy for this summer, but of course, does not have to be fulfilled in all cases, so dare to experiment, to See which is best with your style.

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