How To Choose The Perfect Flowers For Father’s Day

Little by little Father’s Day is approaching, a very special date in which we pay homage to the men who brought us to life. As they deserve the best, we bring you a series of ideas so that this Sunday June 20, 2017  you remain as the best child in the world with a detailed that will make you jump the tears. And it is that father there is only one. Check our tips on flowers for Father’s Day

If you have decided to give some flowers for Father’s Day, you have done well. A very classic idea that all Fathers like. If you have not yet chosen which type of bouquet of flowers you are going to give one, or you have not made an order to the florist in your life, do not panic: you found the guide on how to choose the perfect flowers for your Father and that this Do not throw it away from home for giving you something that you thought was very beautiful but actually a funeral center. Of course, if you think flowers have gone out of style and you want to make another gift, check out these gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Types of Flowers for Father’s Day

Before starting with the different flowers suitable for giving on this special day, we must take into account that historically, each type of flower has an associated meaning. If you want to know more about the “language of flowers”, here is a small recommendation to convey to your Father the perfect message.


Surely, the carnations are one of the flowers most gifts on Father’s Day. You must know that pink carnations represent and convey gratitude and love. On the other hand, red carnations are the flowers of admiration. And here is where you have to be careful: forget about white carnations however beautiful they may be.

Flowers For Father’s Day


Roses are, perhaps, one of the wild flowers par excellence. Also, given the wide variety of colors, you must know that not all of them mean the same thing. For example, pink roses convey a message of gratitude and joy. On the other hand, the yellow ones are ideal if we want to show devotion for our Fathers. In this case, white is used as a sign of purity.

Sunflowers and Margaritas

The sunflower is the ideal flower to give a touch of color to that bouquet perfect for Father’s Day. Help send a message of respect, ideal to thank you in the best way possible. Likewise, daisies have historically been used as a symbol of beauty.

Tulips and Violets

The red tulip is one of the flowers of love. Here you have an idea to leave the recurring roses for your Fathers and partners. In pink, convey gratitude for care. If you have thought of yellow tulips, you should know that they are used as flowers of joy. Violets convey fidelity and devotion. If you are looking for a more durable flower, violets can be a very interesting choice.

Orchids and Lilies

The delicate orchids symbolize not only love and beauty. In Chinese culture, the orchid is a symbol to wish many children to its recipient. If you want siblings, this can be a good way to throw a hint to your Father. Lilies are also one of the flowers that Fathers like best: white may not be the best option because it conveys purity. But historically, this flower has also been used as a symbol of beauty and Fatherhood.

We owe our Fathers a lot. And so, we hope that this little guide has helped you choose the perfect flowers to give Father’s Day gift. Now it’s just a matter of going to visit your florist and not look poker while asking what you want. is one of the largest flower delivery companies in the world. We offer a wide selection of fresh flowers, bouquets, roses and more. Use FNP Coupons through and get exclusive discount on your order on


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