Cameras For Less Than Rs 10000

If you are not a professional photographer, but a simple amateur and do not want to invest much money for buying a camera, we help you choose one. You have no excuse! Today you can find the exact camera in the market for less than Rs 10000 that offer everything you need for quality photos. In addition, you can also find all kinds of camera and its accessories to help protect or improve it.

When we think about a camera, it creates data in digital format. Digital photography has been supplanting film photography or analog photography. The reasons are several, the fact of taking photos is cheaper than having to reveal the film. More comfortable because you can repeat and erase photos instantly, check if the result is expected or must be repeated. In recent years, the market has developed a lot of in this field and has made it so cheap that cameras are available for less than Rs.10000 and in different formats, although the king format is the compact camera.

Cameras for less than Rs 10000

Compact Cameras

This type of camera is one of the most used among fans. They are easy to handle because they are small and fit in a pocket, small bag or backpacks, allowing you to carry it everywhere. This is especially useful for your travels. The big disadvantage of this camera is that the sensor is also smaller and the settings are more limited. Most compact cameras do not have displays Use the LCD to frame.

The compact cameras are ideal for enjoying with friends and family. If you are thinking about making a gift, it will also be a very wise decision. In addition to obtaining good performances, there are in all colors and even in children’s forms.


It would be the next format in terms of size with respect to compact. The sensor, being larger, provides greater quality in the photos, giving more clarity to them. They also allow to enlarge the photos without losing image quality when doing so. The lenses usually have more quality to give that sharpness that is sought and the zoom has more reach.

They have more functionality than compact ones, although they are still amateur cameras. If you are looking for a semi-professional camera for your level, this type of camera is suitable for you.

Cameras For Less Than Rs 10000

DSLR Cameras

This type of camera continues to increase performance compared to the intermediate. They have a larger size in the sensor than the intermediate cameras, which provides enhanced quality and sharpness in the photos. The number of camera accessories is higher in this type, since the use is for both professionals and for those who are not.

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Camera Accessories

There are a number of accessories for your camera that you cannot miss, since they are essential. Among these we can find the following:

Memory card:  allows you to store a large number of photos, always depending on your capacity
Tripod: with one of these accessories you can fix the image to perfection
Bags and covers: with one of them you can protect and transport your camera
Additional batteries and chargers: Digital cameras, like mobile phones, run on battery. Gone is the use of batteries, so if you’re going to hit it, do not forget an extra battery or you might miss the best times.

If you are tired of taking pictures with your mobile and not getting the quality and sharpness you need, we have your solution. There are cameras for less than Rs 10000 with good features that can fit your needs. Do not think much about it!

With these types of cameras for less than Rs 10000 there is no excuse for not being the photographer of the group. In Amazon you can find the camera you need and all the accessories for this at good prices. Choose from its great variety. If you want to get photographs and immortalize the special moments, do not wait another second to get yours.

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