“More than 40% of people say they have gained weight with their current job”

Now a day’s most of people have become more conscious toward their health fitness, and this is happening because of our less balanced food, over time job and stress full life too reason among these problems. There are some suggestions, which from you can get rid off medicines.

We are not saying that we must lose your weight in a radical way until you get body fit, but simple customs that we perform every day during jobs and that suppose a very important change in our metabolism capable of affecting our humor.

Being seated all day is not only tiring job but can carry us the risk of suffering obesity, diabetes, also.

So be ready to move? Every step we take helps us burn more calories, lowers bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, and improves our cognitive ability.

Do  you go to the gym daily or are you planning to go to the gym? Those who do not have much appreciation of gyms, or anything that means movement in general; These health habits, economic and above all simple are a great first step to start taking care.

Best healthy and economic habits at work

Best healthy and economic habits at work


  • Be seated whole day in front of the computer.
  • Devour the snack table.
  • Corner outside: A Chinese day, another pizza,
  • Drink Coffee with two sugar and muffin.
  • Call thruogh telephone to the floor below.
  • Drive back home and throw you on the sofa.


  • Repairs pauses of 2 min. You can walk or do squats.
  • eat fruits, turkey in tonchas, energy bar, etc.
  • Prepare the tupper The previous afternoon. The next day you will not regret eating healthy
  • Coffee with saccharin or brown sugar. Fruit or yogourt.
  • talk to your friends. Do not take the elevator.
  • Workout at gym go home by running or walking