The Best Disney Theme Books For Children

Getting kids started reading at an early age is a task that can seem a bit complicated. Many times we think it may be somewhat boring and uninteresting. To avoid that, you have to look for a topic that interests them and make them enjoy it. If you inculcate reading from a young age being a participant in it, you will associate it with a magical moment. As soon as they grow up, they will embrace her by her own foot. What better way to discover them reading than with Disney books.

They watch their films over and over again, but you cannot even imagine that by reading their stories they can enjoy much more. The best way to prove it is to read a Disney book before you watch the movie. You will realize that our imagination is much better than the screen recreations. In these, we often omit information that comes in the book.

Which Disney books to choose for your child

Disney has a wide variety of books for all tastes: from fairy tales to tales of superheroes, super heroines and villains. Also, the classic stories that the new generation has not been able to enjoy as much as we, will be a good option to share with them good moments of our childhood.

Disney princesses

best Disney book themes

Love stories, warriors or happy endings. The princesses of before and now have in common their end, but the stories that relate each one of them are totally different. In addition, each story brings different things. Pursuing a dream, being strong, humble and learning that no matter the color of the skin, are some of the values ​​taught us these princesses.


The adventure books will be accompanied by laughter, excitement and intrigue for the little ones. These exciting stories will increase your interest in reading. Besides, they will not only be cartoons. Disney has stories like Pirates of the Caribbean, which will help those who are a little older to become fond of reading. It is simply about finding the perfect style and story for each one. If so, you’ll want the time of the day you read!

Super heroines and superheroes

Between the stories of the books of Disney we can find several in which the protagonists are superheroes. The book of The Incredible, for example, gives us a great example of teamwork. With a totally different plot but also an example of struggle and strength is Mulán. This warrior is an example of how she saved her people, although the others did not believe in her because she was a woman. Give a lesson to anyone who reads it.

best Disney book themes

In addition to superheroes as such, we can find stories of illustrated superheroes in a more earthly way. In this way, children will learn that not all heroes are wearing cloaks. Anybody can do it by putting their part in everything that is within their reach. In addition, he will teach them to be themselves, as in the Chicken Little story.


What would Disney be without his classics? Characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bambi or Pinocchio may be other great protagonists of the best stories. And is that these characters will never lose their essence; They will always be present in the Disney stories. Show to the little ones all those values ​​that the books of Disney in your childhood contributed to you. You can take them as an example and never forget them.

Spend time reading

It is also a good idea to opt for a book in which more than one story comes, as is the book of 365 Tales of Good Night. With this type of Disney books you will be able to discover all sorts of stories, explore and discover which are your favorites.

There are endless possibilities you can choose from Disney books to make the little ones in the house hook up to reading. And although naming Disney only come to the drawings at the head, there are many more movies that are available in book version.

Choose from the hundreds of Disney books. It will be the perfect gift for any occasion. If you have doubts about where to buy them and to be able to see the great variety that exists, in collection of  Amazon Books you will be able to find them all. If you get the Amazon Promo Codes, you get some very good prices.

Discover a new world to the little ones of the house of the hand of the books of Disney. You will make reading the greatest gift you have ever received.