Benefits And Features Of The Surface Laptop

Microsoft has recently presented its most risky bet this year: the Surface Laptop. It is an ultra-thin computer that includes the latest technology in even very good price. Are you intrigued? Read on for all the benefits and features of the Surface Laptop.

Benefits and Features of the Surface Laptop

Two versions, for all tastes

The Microsoft Surface Laptop will be available in two different models: one with an Intel Core i5 processor and another with Intel Core i7. The first is more than enough for users who use the computer on a daily basis for their routne work. Another point of view in mind is that it is perfect for any profile, and even for students.

The model that includes Intel Core i7 is for people who are looking for a higher performance and who work continuously with the computer. For that very reason, they need to get the most out of it.

Materials and colors available

One of the great benefits and features of the Surface Laptop is that it is built with metalic body. This ensures the lowest possible weight. It is perfect to take it wherever you want.  weighs  only 1.25 kilograms in total and its thickest part measures 14.47 millimeters.

It is available in four colors: platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue and graphite gold. You will no longer have an excuse to choose a computer that goes completely with your preferences.

Benefits And Features Of The Surface Laptop

Screen and battery | Essential feature

The screen is a 13.5-inch Pixel Sense touch panel with a resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels (201 dpi) and a 3: 2 aspect ratio that can be used with the Surface Pen, although it is not included in the basic product. In addition to its touch screen and the great advantages it offers, this is not all. What stands out even more within the benefits and features of the Surface Laptop is that its battery lasts 14.5 hours. As you read it. There is nothing like it on the market!

Connections and internal memory and RAM

It has several connections. It has a traditional USB port, a Mini Display Port, the Surface power and the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Your RAM can be 4, 8 or 16 GB. Its total internal memory is in the range of 128, 256 or 512 GB. You will be able to connect all your devices like so far but with the greater speed that exists today. You will love the utility that you can take to your Microsoft Surface Laptop.

Price and sale to the public in India

The exact price depends on the model you choose and the characteristics you have. The more memory and power, the higher the final price. For example, the version of 128 GB of memory and 4 GB of RAM has a price in Spain of Rs 72732 at Amazon.

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