7 Tips To Save Energy

In the times of crisis in which we live, we all of think is to save, save as much as we can every month, save on shopping, clothes, water, light … That is why today we are going to dedicate This space to give you some tips on how you can save energy and consequently save on the light bill. If you want to know more about how to save read our articles in the save money section.

In recent years the rise of light has been constant, so we must follow some tips and have little tricks to save electricity and pay less.Here we give you these tips that will really help you to save at home:

7 tips to save energy

1. The first and most important thing to do is to change all the traditional light bulbs in your house with energy-saving bulbs, as well as use CFL or LED in rooms where you need more light for a longer period of time and leave these lights on if they are going to Remain less than 10 minutes off.

2. Heating in winter is one of the factors that increase our bill of light, so it is advisable to maintain a constant temperature of about 20 – 23%, instead of 25% or more.

3. A very useful technique is to decrease the use of light in the rooms. It is convenient to open blinds and curtains, instead of turning on the light. Enjoying daylight is always more enjoyable than using artificial light.

Tips To Save Energy

Tips to save energy

4. When cooking, we can always save, if we cook with little water or use the pressure cooker, if we cover the pans if we do not open the oven door unless it is absolutely necessary. Likewise, if we defrost foods naturally, it will help us to save more than if we use the microwave.

5. Washing the clothes with cold water and with a short program, trying to put the washing machine when we have enough clothes for it, or to use the dishwasher taking advantage of the space, is much cheaper and comfortable.

6. Appliances in your home can continue to consume energy if they do not shut down properly at night, when traveling, or just when they are not being used. Turning off appliances with a remote control does not mean that they are turned off completely. Press the correct button or unplug them.

7. And finally, one technique that is being used a lot now is to hire a smaller light power in your bill. This savings you will notice at the end of the year, especially those who live alone or in pairs in a small house.

Follow our recommendations and you will see what it is to save at home.

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