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Today I share the pizza recipe I made for the happy moments


A pure delight!! And above all a nice idea of Delicious Recipe


For those who know it is much like the pizza “Cannibal” of the dominos, except that I put only ground meat! Next time I would add chicken and morgues as the real


For the dough:


400 gr of flour

1/3 cube of fresh yeast

Lukewarm water

4 caS of olive oil

1 little powdered sugar



For tomato sauce


1 onion




A little sugar, salt and pepper.


For garnish :


200 gr of ground meat

1 pack of shredded mozzarella

1 egg


Barbecue sauce

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Prepare the dough


Mix the yeast in lukewarm water with a little sugar and let stand 10 minutes.


In a bowl or the bowl of the robot place the flour, olive oil and the mixture in the yeast.


Knead and add water as needed until you get a nice paste. Add the salt. Knead 10 minutes.


Cover and let stand until doubling volume.


For tomato sauce:


Salute the onion in the olive oil.


Add the tomato caulis, a little water. Add a little sugar, salt, pepper and herbs to the choices (thyme for me) and let reduce. Book Now


For ground meat:


Brown the ground meat in a little fat and add salt, pepper and paprika. Book Now


Mounting the Pizza:


Degassing the dough


Spread it and place on a plate and put to cook at 200deg for 10/15 minutes.


If it swells too much panic, it will flatten out of the oven.


Remove the dough, place the tomato sauce, the minced meat and put the Barbecue sauce on top.


Place grated mozzarella on top (a good dose of hihi), an egg in the middle and some black olives.


Bake 10 small minutes

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