12  Non Alcoholic Drinks For Summer

If you are looking for different and refreshing juices and drinks with which to soothe the summer heat, in this article you will find 12 drinks that you will love and that will delight big and small because none of them have alcohol.

12 non-alcoholic drinks for summer

1. Lemonade

There is nothing like a good and refreshing lemonade to take on the beach, in the pool or in the summer sunsets. It is also very simple because only need some lemons, sugar and water to prepare it.

2. Iced Tea

Throughout the year you can find in the area of ​​supermarket teas, bags or prepared for ice cream. If you want to do it yourself then you have to choose your favorite tea, let it cool in the fridge and add ice to taste. Order Iced Tea online through ChaiPoint. Use ChaiPoint Coupons & get extra discount through CouponTrends.in

non alcoholic drinks for summer

3. Chocolate Shake

The chocolate smoothie is a classic and although it can be enjoyed at any time of the year, in summer it is more palatable. With a little milk, chocolate ice cream, cocoa and a blender you can get a delicious chocolate smoothie recipe.

4. Multi-colored fruit combo

This combo includes kiwi, strawberries and cucumbers, all of which are crushed separately and carefully poured into the glass for a multicolored presentation.

5. Tomato Juice

If you love Tomatoes, this juice is going to become one of the favorites of the summer, it is very simple to prepare and very refreshing and healthy for our body.

6. Blueberry Juice

Do you know that Blueberry  juice is a natural remedy against cystitis? Then have a glass of blueberry juice a day and forget about cystitis during the summer.

7. Watermelon hail

If you have a blender at home this recipe is very simple to prepare, so you only have to cut the red part of the watermelon with a lot of crushed ice.

8. Citrus fruit

Lemon, orange or lime, choose your favorite citrus and prepare a refreshing and delicious hail.  Order health juices through Foodpanda. Use Foodpanda Coupons to get extra discount.

non alcoholic drinks for summer

9. Melon hail

This drink can be taken as dessert in summer meals. You only have to crush the melon with ice and decorate with a little peppermint.

10. Healthy Cocktail

Grind 3 tomatoes and mix with the juice of a lemon, a few basil leaves, a touch of salt and pepper, as well as thyme. You will get a tasty and dietetic cocktail for the summer.

11. Banana and orange drink

Beat two bananas in the blender along with the juice of an orange and add a little cinnamon powder and serve it cold, this drink for the summer you will love it.

12. Antioxidant Drink

Introduce a tomato, a carrot and a little celery in the blender along with the juice of a lemon, if you are the ones who like the sweets, we recommend adding a little brown sugar.

What is your favorite summer refreshment drink?