Aspects That Plays an Important Role in Determining Your Fashion

The aspects that plays an important role in determining your fashion
It may happen sometimes that you wear a designer label cloth that is ravishing and still your whole attire looks absolutely flat without the impact you were hoping to create. Why? Well, this is because you are probably not mixing up your whole dress up to enhance your style factor. When you are looking forward to have a glamorous and elegant look, then only a good dress will not help you. You need much more than that. You need to ensure that your whole look is as per the mood of the occasion you are attending. It is only then that you will be able to stand above the crowd and create a fashion statement for yourself.
The need for proper make-up
Yes, you all do a little or more make-up when you go out for office, school or hanging up with your friends. However, when you are going for a special occasion, then the aspect of makeup also needs to be taken care of. You need to assure that your getup is as per the occasion you are visiting. To start with, make sure to understand the relation of the time of party and the kind of makeup. If it is a morning party, then do not opt for something that is very heavy. Try to keep your makeup light. During the evening parties, a little heavy makeup especially around the eyes will give you a gorgeous look.
Take care of your feet
Well, most of the times people grab anything they see and try to match it up with their existing dresses. That is a very wrong thing to do. The Footwear also helps in determining the fashion statement for you. Make sure to buy footwear matching with the particular dress you are wearing. Besides that, you also need to ensure that it is comfortable for you. Also, try to wear footwear in accordance with the occasion you are attending. Also, if you are going for a party where you have to stand for a long time, then choose something which is both fashionable and comfortable.
Clutch or baggy
Deciding the kind of bag you need to carry to a party is also extremely important for you to know. When it comes to choosing the bags, there are an array of options in front of you. Some of the hand baggage can be simple and some can be extremely stunning. You need to make sure that the bag you are carrying doesn’t overdo your whole appearance. It is advisable to go for a simple bag if your attire is stunning. However, with simple attire, a clutch can be enough to make your whole look glamorous.
The other important aspects
There are a lot of Accessories that can be used to give a unique look to your whole getup. For instance, mixing funky bangles with jeans and top can prove to be a great fashion statement. Likewise, you can also wear a gorgeous watch with a sari to make it look fashionable.

November 15, 2014